SiO2 color chart for thermally grown silicon dioxide, HTE Labs provides process specialties wafer foundry, thin film vacuum deposition services, applied thin film processing for analog and mixed signal bipolar manufacturing processes, Analog CMOS wafer foundry, R&D support, research and development support for microelectronics and process specialties wafer Fab processing to customers from semiconductors and microelectronics industry. Bipolar wafer foundry includes the following processes: 20V bipolar process,45V bipolar process,75V bipolar process,25V super-beta bipolar process and high voltage dielectric isolated bipolar processes. R&D support is provided in the following fields of microelectronics: test and measurement, medical instrumentation, industrial process control and communications, thin film active and passive components technologies, flip chip technology (TiW/Cu/Cu/SnPb), MEMS technology, smart sensor technologies (inertial, pressure, temperature, gas and smoke detectors), optoelectronic technologies and components, discrete and integrated circuits technology development for special applications, LiNbO3 applications including SAW, Ti diffusion, light wave guides and Mach-Zender light modulators. Specialty wafer Fab processing: epi deposition, epitaxy, SiGe, epi, diffusion and oxidation, ion implant, LPCVD nitride, PECVD nitride Si3N4, SiO2, platinum silicidation, photo-lithography, plasma etching, silicon micro-machining with KOH anisotropic etch, backside sputter depositions of Ti/Ni/Ag, gold deposition, gold alloy, lift off processes, Ti/Pt/Au lift off process, sputter depositions of thin film resistors : SiCr, NiCr, TaN2, silicon wafers back grind and polish followed by tri-metal backside sputter depositions, gold backside sputter depositions and alloy : gold electroplating and gold bump, wafer probing, dicing services, wafer saw, package development, solid via packages, packaging and test services, failure analysis services, SEM, scanning electron microscopy, ellipsometer measurements, four point probe measurements.

SiO2 Color Chart for thermally grown silicon dioxide
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Oxide Thickness COLOR COLOR CODE Color and Comments
500   D2B48C Tan
750   A52A2A Brown
1000   B32F79 Dark Violet to red violet
1250   2E73F3 Royal blue
1500   ADD8E6 Light blue to metallic blue
1750   D9ECB3 Metallic to very light yellow-green
2000   F9F9C8 Light gold or yellow slightly metallic
2250   DAA520 Gold with slight yellow-orange
2500   F6853D Orange to Melon
2750   B32F79 Red-Violet
3000   5D3694 Blue to violet-blue
3100   0000FF Blue
3250   0083AE Blue to blue-green
3450   00FF00 Light green
3500   84D82E Green to yellow-green
3650   84C82E Yellow-green
3750   E2DE2B Green-yellow
3900   FFFF00 Yellow.
4120   FFB500 Light orange
4260   FA7FC1 Carnation pink
4430   E82362 Violet-red
4650   B32F79 Red-violet
4760   EE82EE Violet
4800   5D3694 Blue Violet
4930   0000FF Blue
5020   008080 Blue-green
5200   008846 Green (Broad)
5400   9ACD32 Yellow-green
5600   ADFF2F Green-yellow
5740    FFFFD2 Yellow to Yellowish (not yellow but is in the position where yellow is to be expected. At times is appears to be light creamy gray or metallic)
5850   FFDE93 Light orange or yellow to pink borderline
6000   FA7FC1 Carnation pink
6300   EE82EE Violet-red
6800   AE82FF Bluish (Not blue but borderline between violet and blue-green. It appears more like a Mixture between violet-red and blue-green and over-all looks grayish)
7200   00A080 Blue-green to green (quite broad)
7700   FFFF8C Yellowish
8000   FFA500 Orange (rather broad for orange)
8200   FA8072 Salmon
8500   B32F79 Dull, light red-violet
8600   EE82EE Violet
8700   5D3694 Blue-violet
8900   0000FF Blue
9200   0083AE Blue-green
9500   84C82E Dull yellow-green
9700   FFFF00 Yellow to Yellowish
9900   F3770C Orange
10000   FA7FC1 Carnation Pink
10200   E82362 Violet-red
10500   B32F79 Red-violet
10600   EE82EE Violet
10700   5D3694 Blue-violet
11000   008846 Green
11100   84C82E Yellow-green
11200   008846 Green
11800   EE82EE Violet
11900   B32F79 Red-violet
12100   E82362 Violet-red
12400   FA7FA1 Carnation Pink-Salmon
12500   FFA500 Orange
12800   FFFF00 Yellowish
13200   47B0E3 Sky blue to green-blue
14000   FFA500 Orange
14500   EE82EE Violet
14500   5D3694 Blue-violet
15000   0000FF Blue
15100   84C82E Dull Yellow-green

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